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Programming (PHP)


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I started programming with WordPress in 2011 and gradually have realized that it is better to think about what one is doing apart from any particular framework. This has taken a long time. Most of the work is done in the context of a framework like WordPress, so that the language and assumptions used often incorporate it as a starting point. However, based on "how things actually work", I am finding it much more productive to do the bulk of my work *outside* of WordPress and then port it into that framework once it is mature enough to do so.

For example, caching is not included with WordPress by default. I consider this to be a major shortfall. Joomla! did include it by default, but WordPress did not seem fit to do so, for some reason. Now, when a caching plugin is included, it assumes that a multisite installation could be used, and so caches files to {wp-content}/cache/{caching-plugin}{}. This adds layers of complexity. If that caching plugin is no longer active, then those cached files may not work. After a lot of time and looking at things in different ways, I have decided that caching files to {}/a/ will always allow the site to work, even if no PHP framework (such as WordPress) or the original caching plugin is even present! This is a major step forward. So far, no one else appears to be thinking in this manner, at least as far as I have found.

What all of this means in terms of programming in general, is that it has been found that it is far better to stat with the model being generated, and to work with pencil and paper. Images can be created of those handwritten pages with a camera, smartphone or scanner. These original hard copy pages will then serve as a historical record of the development of the idea. Even if the site dies, disappears or some other electronic catastrophe happens, the paper should still remain. *Then* the idea can be programmed in isolation, apart from any framework (such as WordPress). *Then* it can be ported into WordPress. This last part can be done rather easily, and examples are available online via github.

This is a rather long way around to get to the final destination, but experience shows that after three or five years, the electronic versions change so much, one is fortunate if they can even be found. In contrast, unless something drastic happens, I am finding that the paper versions are still present. If the work is done carefully, it should last for fifty or a hundred years or more, so taking a few extra steps at the beginning really doesn't add that much, and can result in a product that lasts much, much longer.

Given the above, my focus has been on PHP. I am aware that more weight is now being placed on JavaScript and jQuery, however, I believe it is necessary to specialize in order to be effective. For me, this is PHP. The community model I am developing ( allows for this, and the final product should be much better.

Contact me for this service if you want some custom programming done in PHP, if you need work done on an existing WordPress plugin, or if you would like to develop a custom plugin using PHP within the WordPress framework. I have been doing this since 2011 and have seen a lot of changes in WordPress. One of my goals is to prevent changes made to a third party application like WordPress from changing your site. This should be possible, and the caching model presented above may just be a solid step in that direction.

Training & Qualifications

Experienced in PHP programming since 2011. University trained. Extensive experience with WordPress, its plugin architecture and themes. Created a self installing WordPress bundle package as well as a minimal framework that is integrated with WordPress. This minimal backup framework can be used when starting out with a new site, is much simpler and contains only three files. It can also be used as a backup in case something happens with WordPress.

Availability & Preferences

I have currently set my availability to meet with people in online chat sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays, normal business hours.

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi

Reviews of Clarence

Claudia provided Help with Editor for Clarence
Feb 06, 2020
Working for/with Clarence is very gratifying, I learn a lot and I am eager for future co-creations!
Claudia provided Help with Editor for Clarence
Feb 02, 2020
Working with/for Clarence is eye opening. What a deep knowledge Clarence has about his vocation, the job is presented kind of as art. Thank you Claren...ce for this opportunity to participate in your profesional more
Janice provided hour of Writer/Editor for Clarence
Dec 06, 2019
Great working with a competent and quite good writer.
Maria received package of Integrated WordPress Bundle from Clarence
Aug 01, 2019
Thank you Clarence!
Maria received package of New, Secure, Guaranteed WordPress from Clarence
Jun 25, 2019
I am getting great help from Clarence, and I am very grateful!
Maria received package of New, Secure, Guaranteed WordPress from Clarence
Jun 20, 2019
Great service, thank you Clarence!
Melanie received session of Long Term Sustainable Community from Clarence
Feb 06, 2019
Very bright, organized, thoughtful :) I look forward to future interactions!
Amy received Help with Advice for working with collective from Clarence
Dec 21, 2018
Clarence provided a well thought out response to my inquiry! I appreciate his careful thoughtfulness.
Dan provided session of Ask an Architect for Clarence
Oct 26, 2018
Clarence is a thoughtful, well educated and experienced person. He's been an understanding client so far, building a report, which will carry over as... we continue our relationship as I help him plan an ecovillage. show more
Jenn provided unit of Voice Over - Professional Materials for Clarence
May 27, 2018
Clarence has a fun approach and was great to work with on this project. He was timely and available to discuss considerations. Looking forward to more of his work!show more


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About Clarence Bos

Summary Twelve years of programming experience with a farm background and training at the University of Guelph have been put into developing a model for an integrated, sustainable community with 36 d...wellings and 144 people on 160 acres, with food, water and energy being obtained on site, designed to result in a net positive output, while being symbiotically balanced within its native surroundings. The model is being designed in and for Eastern Ontario. Interests Just as in university, when five courses are taken each semester, each of us has a variety of interests. Mine are programming, carpentry, hiking, sustainability and origins. These interests then lead naturally into work that is invigorating and can be sustained over the long run. Programming I enjoy starting my day programming. This is when I find my mind is the freshest and able to handle the arcane details that are a part of writing code. These include PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL and JavaScript. I spent two terms at Statistics Canada as a student and then a nine month contract developing publication ready tables using TPL (Table Programming Language). I have also used Visual Basic and C#. Since 2011 I have learned WordPress and its idiosyncrasies. For it, have developed an integrated plugin set, then a more secure directory structure that uses a lightweight five file framework (tentatively called LF3) that can be used as a precursor to WordPress as well as a redundant fallback, in case something happens to this complex codeset. Carpentry, Etc. When the weather gets warmer, I like to be involved in projects that requiring building, maintaining or fixing. These are a pleasant diversion from all the time spent behind the keyboard. It is also healthier to engage in various physical activities as these support a fit body, which in turn supports a fit mind. Carpentry, and its related activities, are just a continuation of my time spent growing up on the farm. Hiking If I can't get out in a farm environment or workshop, then I enjoy going for long walks, anywhere where there are few people and lot's of nature. Perhaps that is what brought me to the Peterborough area, where there is enough city to find micro SD cards, but plenty of country once one gets a fifteen or twenty minute walk outside of it. I also enjoy taking photographs and usually have a device with me that can snap pictures of interesting objects or landscapes when I go out. Sustainability I have worked on an integrated, sustainable community model starting in late 2016. There, after spending two weeks on the property of an off-grid solar installer near Buckhorn, Ontario and living in a 40’ diameter, circular straw bale house, I came up with the schematic I am currently using as a two dimensional layout for the community. It is 2,640’ x 2,640 and contains 36 dwellings for 144 people on 160 acres. The occupants selected support each other with their professions and trades. The design calls for a net positive output, while being symbiotically balanced within its native surroundings. Tested methods, as well as products and services are systematically offered to the surrounding communities. Credit must be given to Michael Tellinger of South Africa who had developed a system called “Contributionism” as a model in which existing communities could thrive[1]. However, it was felt that this system—developed in South Africa—did not have realistic expectations of the number of hours required per person per week and so would not translate well to a Western mindset, culture and environment. The model developed is my own work, with hints from Tellinger, and others. [1] Origins Last, I have been interested in our origins for some time; how we got here and why. When I started my professional career, I thought I knew what I needed and had prepared to go out and tell others this. I wasn't so certain, however, when a student naively asked a question about Darwin's theory of evolution. It made a lot of sense, especially the part about bird's beaks. This prompted me to find out more. That "more" started in the mid-90s and has culminated in the current work. Bridge Practically, as this relates to my current efforts, this means I am making myself available to meet the needs of others through the following: Programming and Page Loads Page Speed, Page Load Times, Optimization, Backup and Security. I have developed a lightweight five file framework (tentatively called the LF3) that is a precursor to WordPress and provides a redundant fallback if WordPress ceases to function due to its more complex nature. Extensive work has been done on directory structure to better use it as a means of categorizing topics, filing new information, and separating out content from the underlying logic used to deliver the site. This makes the site more robust and secure. The “LF3” loads quickly, can be scanned by a programmer in its entirety and performs much of the basic functions expected from a site; with very few files. Extensions can be added, if needed. It picks up image, video and audio files automatically and tacks the document PDF to the excerpt automatically resulting in what amounts to “semi-intelligent document creation”. Carpentry, Etc. As this is not something I am actively doing, starting up again in this works requires transition time and care, especially as one gets older. However, it is rewarding to have a hobby that involves working with machinery and wood. It is enjoyable working with another person, especially when they also have background and skills in this area. Sustainability My work right now (2020) is at the stage where I feel comfortable looking for people in the six to eight sectors defined so far (trades, arts and music, gardening and personal care, monitoring, analysis and reporting, academic and applied) to approach them to determine how the model developed so far might benefit them. This might mean trading work improving their web site for products, services or training they are offering in a 2:1 blend (see below). Origins and Discussion How we got here, why and how knowledge of that can help our life today. Evidence of ancient technologies shows we were not the first to develop to an advanced state. Indeed, precise rock cuts and 1,100 tonne rocks show the ancient technology was much advanced to ours! Knowing what happened back then can help guide us in how to proceed today. This includes a knowledge of the original languages, the etymology of words used today, advanced stone work, and megalithic sites. Transitioning to a Better Society Realistically—in order to perform work in an environment that requires the use of the local currency in order to function—the person or group performing the service needs to have enough of that currency to do what they need to do. Without that—however noble their intentions—they eventually will cease being able to do anything at all. With that in mind, I am introducing a blended method that uses a 2:1 ratio (trade:dollar). Trade may occur on the platform and use its internal currency (called “simbi”) or the trade of products and services deemed to be of equal value. For example, three hours of work at 50 per hour and at a 2:1 ratio would be 100 simbi and $50 CAD. All work may be in CAD, but not all work may be in simbi, as a critical minimum in CAD is required in order to function. Criteria for Engagement Due to the easy manner in which profiles may be created, discretion is exercised when engaging others encountered in an online only environment. Indicators used to determine credibility are: (a) An authentic profile photo with only one person in the image, (b) a person’s real name used in a link or in a profile description, (c) A link to a personal or professional website showing original work. Preference is given to working with people in the Eastern Time Zone with attention given to distance (nearer is better). Selected Sites (General Framework) (Specific Working Site) (WordPress and Related) Code and Documentation Monitoring Page Selected Articles Bringing Quality Back to the Web. (2019). Setting Perspective on the Page. (2019). Delaying Publication for Better Results. (2019) Books (Draft) Model for a Sustainable Community. (2017). The draft needs work, but pins down many of the initial ideas that were generated after the schematic was developed. The schematic shown at left is stable and well developed. It is available online. Creating a Workflow for Online Publishing. (2019). 150 pp. This book (draft) was written in the processing of attempting to find a better way to write and publish content that would implement software used by many for decades; that is, the word processor. The format used in the book is a result of that effort. It is optimized for an 8” tablet (link provided upon request).show more

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